Quick Game Update:
* Improved Silver and Gold Chests
* Resolved Stamina Refill cost issue
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Dear Team Heroes,

👉 We've updated diamond prices to better reflect the value of each item. We've also restored white items to the Trader that you can buy with gold. We will restore more gold items to the shop next week in addition to reevaluating gold and token prices for all items.

👉 We've identified the issue with Stamina Refill Campaign drop bonuses (2x+) during Double Drop events. Our team is on it and is working as hard as it can to resolve this. We will be reimbursing anyone affected soon. We appreciate your patience while we fix this!
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Hello DragonSoul Team Heroes,

The DragonSoul team has been hard at work on a brand new update. We are very excited about the new changes going into the game! These will help streamline the player experience, give players a new way to get the gear they need, and a range of other updates that will improve your gameplay.

* New Orange Skills-- Savage Cutie, Water Wyrm, and Storm Drake now have new legendary skills! Orange you glad they’re on your team?

* Brand new Mountain and Challenge levels-- We have released new levels for the Mountain and Challenge game modes!

* Brand new Gear Chests-- Brand new Purple and Orange Gear Chests are now available for purchase! These chests, you’ve guessed it, will contain only Purple and Orange gear!

* Update to the Silver and Gold Chests-- Silver and Gold Chests have been revamped to include a higher chance of getting rare gear with every chest!

* Updated the way Chests are displayed-- We are now displaying the most recently unlocked chests first!

* Improved the items available in the Store-- Shops are now tailored to your player level. You'll love what you can now buy with your tokens!

* A brand new bonus to purchasing Stamina Refills-- Unlock 2x, 3x, and even 4x Campaign drops when you continue purchasing Stamina refills!

* Rebalanced Campaign XP items (Normal and Elite)-- Rebalanced the XP items in Campaign to be more in line with the new Mountain and Challenge difficulties!

* Added Quick Battle button to Coliseum, Crypt, Expeditions, Fight Pit and Titan Temple-- Quick Battle simulates combat in a fraction of the time, so you can get back to kicking butt!

* Improvement to the Stamina Refill screen-- You can now use items from your inventory from the Stamina Refill screen!

* You can now purchase Raid Tickets-- You can now purchase Raid Tickets! Go get ‘em!

* Added a max hero XP button to the Hero XP screen-- With only a press of a button you can max out your Hero’s XP! This button will consume your lowest level XP potions first.

* “Red Dot” added to the Campaign Icon-- Campaigns now also have a red dot in the main menu when you have enough stamina to run a Campaign! More dots? Why not?

* VIP Chat grouped by language-- VIP chat is now grouped by language. You won’t see messages in other languages!
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Insane heroes from the game DragonSoul now available on iMessage! 🎉 🎉 ... See MoreSee Less

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